Tooth Extractions in Tuscaloosa

Comfortable and gentle extractions

Our doctors believe strongly in preserving your own teeth whenever possible. Root canal therapy, for example, is often done to remove more severe decay while preventing the need to remove the tooth. However, sometimes it is necessary to extract a tooth because it is too severely infected, damaged or positioned at an angle that causes discomfort or possible damage to other teeth. In those cases, we perform gentle extractions.

Sometimes when a tooth is extracted, the bone where it was located needs a bone graft. This procedure helps preserve the bone or build it back up so the jaw structure maintains its integrity. Bone grafts are also sometimes done after an extraction if an implant will be placed at the site.


Our doctors perform gentle extractions, including wisdom tooth extractions.


    Wisdom Tooth Extractions

    Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars. They generally do not develop and come through until the teen or adult years. When they come in correctly, they can provide additional chewing power.

    However, wisdom teeth can come in at an angle, crowding surrounding teeth and causing even more misalignment. Bite problems can result, creating more opportunity for bacteria to invade gums and teeth. Misaligned wisdom teeth can also be hard to clean with flossing and brushing, making bacteria accumulation more likely. Some wisdom teeth are impacted, only coming in partially, or never breaking through the gums at all. Pain, swelling, and stiffness in the jaw can result from impacted wisdom teeth. In these cases, extractions are often recommended.

    We help many of our patients by providing easy, gentle extractions when needed. We will, however, refer out any impacted wisdom teeth or more complex extraction cases to an oral surgeon.

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