Mouth Guards in Tuscaloosa

Protect your teeth and smile with a custom mouth guard

Mouth guards are used for multiple reasons, such as keeping your teeth from becoming damaged due to clenching and grinding during sleep or from being damaged while playing contact sports. They are usually made for the upper teeth but can also be made for the lower jaw when needed. Many injuries to teeth can be prevented or reduced in severity with mouth guards.

We create high-quality, custom mouth guards for many uses, for both children and adults. When you invest in a custom mouth guard, it will have the most comfortable fit and provide the highest level of protection.



    Sport Guards

    We can create and fit sports mouth guards for any age. Contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey and boxing can inflict much damage to teeth if they are not protected. Even other activities, such as skateboarding, biking and gymnastics have the potential for mouth and teeth injuries. A sports guard can not only help protect your teeth from becoming broken or chipped, it can help prevent nerve damage to a tooth due to an impact or prevent the loss of a tooth. Mouth guards can also provide a layer of protection to lips, tongues and gums.


    Night Guards

    Some people grind their teeth while sleeping or clench their jaws hard during sleep. This is called bruxism. It is very hard on teeth, wearing down enamel and causing damage to tissues. You can wake up in the morning with a sore jaw, headache or other similar problems. Not everyone experiences those discomforts, however, even though they grind their teeth. We can examine your teeth and tell you if they are being unduly worn down or damaged.

    We create comfortable, custom mouth guards, which are worn while sleeping. These guards protect your teeth from the constant pressure from grinding or clenching. This is important for your long-term oral health. Teeth that are worn or damaged are weaker and more prone to breakage. We will be happy to discuss with you any problems you may be having with teeth grinding and how a mouth guard can help.

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