New Patient Exams & Cleanings in Tuscaloosa



    Get an accurate diagnosis with our thorough New Patient Exams

    Your initial visit starts with a full New Patient Exam. This is where we first get to know each other. An important part of your first visit is a friendly discussion with one of our doctors, in which they’ll note any concerns you may have about your teeth or smile. The doctor will use this information in creating your treatment program, taking into account your lifestyle and budgetary needs.


    Digital X-rays

    We use low-radiation digital X-rays to get an intricate view of your mouth, teeth and gums. In some cases we will also take a panoramic (full-mouth) X-ray.

    Oral Exam & Consultation

    Your questions, goals and concerns are a vital part of any consultation. We consider your oral health as well as cosmetic issues. We review your dental and medical health history and conduct a thorough oral exam, including a periodontal (gum) exam and an oral cancer check.

    This information, together with your X-ray results, tells us what we need to know to work out your individual treatment plan. We’ll cover options available to bring your teeth, gums and smile to a healthy, attractive condition.


    New Patient Special Offer

    $49 Exam, X-rays & Consultation
    Our special offer for new patients includes the following:
    • Comprehensive exam
    • Review medical history
    • Digital X-rays
    • Oral cancer check
    • Consultation with the doctor
    • Smile evaluation
    Usual cost of this comprehensive exam is $226
    *For patients without dental insurance

    Gentle, thorough Cleanings

    Our dental hygienists have been part of our dentistry family for many years. They’re known for their easygoing but professional approach. Highly trained and experienced, they’re expert at giving a thorough, gentle cleaning. They use modern, effective ultrasonic scalers to clean away plaque. The ultrasonic vibrations comfortably remove buildup from your teeth.

    Essential to a successful cleaning regimen is oral hygiene education. Our friendly hygienists always take the time to help patients of all ages with their oral health and teach them about the latest innovations in home teeth and gum care.

    Prophy Jet for that polished look

    Your cleaning includes a final brightening with polishing tools to whiten and smooth your teeth. For heavy stains and calculus (tartar) build-up, our hygienists use a special air polishing system called a Prophy Jet – a high-tech alternative to traditional abrasive teeth polishing.

    Gum Disease Treatment

    When the results of your periodontal exam show that you have a “pocket” size of greater than 3 millimeters, it’s time to get in under the gum line and clean the roots of the teeth as well. Our ultrasonic scaler gently blasts away hard-to-reach plaque and calculus from below the gum line. A special antibiotic can then be delicately introduced into the pockets to promote healing and help prevent further gum problems.

    How gum disease comes about

    Our mouths are naturally full of bacteria that form a sticky, colorless film on the teeth, called plaque. Brushing and flossing gets rid of plaque, but poor oral habits or conditions such as systemic illness, medications and smoking can contribute to a buildup of plaque, which forms a hardened substance called tartar, or calculus.

    The calculus forms on both the tooth crown and tooth root. When on the root, the rough nature of the calculus causes the root to separate from the gum, creating a pocket.

    Symptoms of Gum Disease

    Symptoms of gum disease include:

    • Bleeding gums
    • Red or swollen gums
    • Bad breath or a persistent bad taste in the mouth
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Gum recession and loose teeth, which are symptoms of advanced gum disease
    • Abscesses, which can form in the deepening gum pockets
    Effective Gum Disease treatment

    If gum disease is found, it needs to be treated aggressively to halt its progression and reverse the gums to a healthy state. Our hygienists perform a Deep Cleaning, also known as root scaling and planing.

    Using hand instruments as well as our ultrasonic scaler (to loosen the calculus with sound vibrations), calculus is removed from your tooth roots and the roots are “planed”, i.e. made smooth to encourage the gum tissue to reattach.

    Arestin® Therapy

    To eliminate residue bacteria in the pockets, we also use Arestin® Therapy, a locally administered timed-release antibiotic treatment. The Arestin microspheres go to work killing the bacteria that contributes to gum disease.

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